Halloween is fun, but it occurs when many families need to watch what they spend. After back-to-school shopping in August and September, many parents are just getting around to saving for the winter holidays. So, it can be tricky to balance restricted funds with a child’s need to enjoy the spirit of the season.

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Why Is Halloween Important?

Halloween (or All Hallows Eve) has religious origins as the day before All Souls Day, followed by All Saints Day. Today, it has become a secular American tradition. The leadup to the holiday is full of many Halloween traditions, including:

  •         Halloween parties
  •         Trick-or-treating
  •         Events at school or work
  •         Home decorations

Some families even wear silly outfits at the dinner table, play games, or watch scary movies.

Halloween Celebrations

Halloween gatherings are a great way to show off your Halloween costumes. For adult Halloween gatherings, you can explore ideas that suit a theme everyone will enjoy:

Characters From Old Television Showsgirl dressed as 90's pop culture icon

With the right clothing and a few accessories, you can capture the nostalgia of your favorite shows from back in the day.

Classic Horror Film Monsters

Many kits come with masks, face paint, and other tools to make you look like a vampire, mummy, wolfman, or other creature.

Trick or Treating on Halloween Night

Children in America often enjoy going from house to house at night to collect candy from homes in the neighborhood. Of course, silly outfits are part of the fun. With creativity and artistic flair, you can create:

Fantastic Creatures

Bright costumes that depict unicorns, dragons, and other magical creatures or characters are fun for children. The bright colors also make your child more visible to motorists and bicyclists,

 keeping them safe.

Whimsical Concepts

Children have boundless imaginations. Give them free rein to explore new outfit ideas. Make them look like household objects or cartoon characters.

Use Familiar Objects in New Ways


You can incorporate many decorative objects into your design. Party favors, craft supplies, kitchen utensils, buckets, towels, clothing, and more could find new life.

Perks of Krazy Bins

Halloween can be an expensive holiday. Between the parties, home and office decorations, and trick-or-treating, the average American family spends about $103 per person each year.  There’s no need to dial back your Halloween celebrations. You can still have a great time for less money if you do your shopping at Krazy Bins.

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