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Krazy Bins 5 star reviews with 5 gold stars in a row against checkered background

Krazy Bins is just that CRAZY! There’s no telling what you may find from furniture to personal care items it’s all up for grabs all you have to do is be there to see what’s in store.

Sheri W.

Everything is amazing from in and out furniture accents clothing housewares more truly a Diamond & Gem you know what’s krazy about krazy bins the staff is extremely helpful and friendly and they re.eber you krazy krazy I’m hooked ❤

Cynthia S.

I love shopping at Krazy Bins. I find so many good things for me to use and for others i buy at a very good price.
Everyone should go there at least once to check it out they will want to go back.

Marcie W.

Amazing shout out to the awesome donation they have made to teachers and schools! I love this place! great staff and wonderful owner!

Niccole C.

This place is amazing! Drove almost an hour to be there on opening day. It did not disappoint! Got some incredible deals that are 90% off retail. Every single employee was wonderful! They go above and beyond to have great customer service. We’re so helpful! Can’t wait to go back!

Kayla C.

I am so thrilled to have found Krazy Bins!! It’s my new obsession, I literally want to go there every day they are open. Each time I find new things, fun things, stuff I need that I never got around to buying, stuff I don’t necessarily need but for such great deals, I get it anyway :) All new products, amazing finds. Thank you Krazy Bins!!

Jennifer R.

I went there twice with my family, and we ABSOLUTELY loved it!!! I got some amazing deals on the furniture, stuff for the house, and clothes. The staff is very sweet and so helpful! Today, the owner offered to help us to load the boxes as they were heavy. He was very people oriented and so polite. Can’t wait to go back to look for more deals! New favorite store!!

Iuliia M.

Krazy Bins is an AWESOME place! You never know what you are going to find for such great deals! It is like a treasure hunt, which makes it so fun!
All the people are helpful and friendly, and they have been over the top generous with their donations for charities to our church, New Day Christian Church! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Samuel R.

One of the coolest places I’ve been in ohio for retail therapy. All the big stuff is fairly priced, but the BINS are like the hidden treasure chests of both mentor and akron-you never know what you’ll walk out with for only $13 on a Friday!!! It’s truly a one of a kind experience, every time you go.

Casey R.
Krazy Bins 5 star reviews with 5 gold stars in a row against checkered background

Always a great deal at the Krazy Bins
Staff is unremarkable friendly and kind to all its customers thanks again on the deals

Jason G.

I have had great finds at Krazy Bins. Awesome customer service!!!

Latonya O.

What a great store. If you love treasure hunting and getting amazing deals, then I highly recommend checking this place out.

Michael W.

Never know what you might find! I found some great deals tonight!

Billie M.

Friendly staff, great owner. The product is amazing. You can’t beat the prices. This store is the best in Ohio????. I am a customer for life.

Kathy G.

Wow, love this place. They donate to charity when items don’t sale! Great system, and good management.

Iman F.


Michael W.


Vanessa B.

Lauren from Willowick

Dionne from Cleveland Heights

Phillip from Eastlake

Krazy Bins Schedule

Shelf and rack items outside of discount bins will be 50-90% off original retail prices all throughout the week.