Krazy Bins is a unique, bargain bin discount store with a shopping experience like no other! We offer deep discounts on name brand and retail items all throughout the week! Each Krazy Bins discount store is lined with plenty of discount bins filled with retail items and bargain deals!

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PREMIUM Items Outside of Bins

In addition to discounted bin retail items, we offer specialty overstock items that are too big to fit into bins. These are premium, high-value, and highly-discounted items

(50 – 90% off retail prices!)


Krazy Bins Schedule

Shelf and floor items outside of discount bins will be 50-90% off original retail prices all throughout the week.

How Krazy Bins Works

Here’s how each Krazy Bins discount store works:

Each week we receive truckloads of exciting returns and overstock items to bring our customers Krazy good deals! You never know what you might find, but we can’t guarantee that we will always have the same products or retail items each week!

All retail items begin with a 50% discount off its retail price.



Please be courteous of staff and other shoppers when you are in one of our stores.

As we continue to operate in the pandemic, we will continue following social distancing guidelines to keep others safe and everyone feeling comfortable.

But make sure to take your time and walk through our stores to keep everyone safe.

Please leave personal bags at home (large purses, tote bags, diaper bags). We will provide shopping carts for you to carry your discount retail items around.

We don’t mind if your children shop with you, but please keep a watchful eye on them and also keep them from running around the store.

We understand shopping can be an exciting experience, but please keep your feet on the floor. Please refrain from climbing on, in, or over our discount bins, as well as sitting down to sort your finds. Stay on your feet and keep the traffic moving to keep everyone safe!

We know that shopping at a Krazy Bins discount store can be exciting and wild at times. That said, please keep yourself and loved ones in control. We will not tolerate any pushing, throwing, or aggressive behavior of any kind. We want the shopping experience at Krazy Bins to be a fun and safe experience for everyone!

Store Locations

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Address: 7721 Mentor Ave., Mentor, OH 44060

Phone: 216-306-0906

Sunday 10AM – 7PM
Monday 10AM – 7PM
Tuesday 10AM – 7PM
Wednesday 10AM – 7PM
Thursday CLOSED
Friday 10AM – 7PM
Saturday 10AM – 7PM


Address: 8515 DAY DRIVE, PARMA, OH 44129

Phone: 216-306-0905

Sunday 10AM – 7PM
Monday 10AM – 7PM
Tuesday 10AM – 7PM
Wednesday 10AM – 7PM
Thursday CLOSED
Friday 9AM – 7PM
Saturday 9AM – 7PM