On Black Friday, big brands and retailers offer everything from clothing to electronics at a fraction of the shelf price. Many people rely on Black Friday deals to shop for toys and decorations for the holiday period.

How real are the Black Friday discounts and deals? Wouldn’t you rather save money on accessories and gadgets every day of the year? We’ll cover all the details below.

The Truth About Black Friday Deals From Major Retailers

Big brands understand that the average consumer is constantly searching for savings and new deals.Krazy Bins friday pricing signage

Therefore, they take every opportunity to dangle juicy offers in front of customers. And what better time to offer discounts than Black Friday, the nationally acclaimed day of bargains?

However, Black Friday is often just hype. Many industry watchers agree it is a carefully engineered illusion designed to lure buyers into paying for stuff they don’t need. The new deals on offer aren’t always deals. Here are some of the tricks retailers use on Black Friday to offer discount holiday rates:

  •         Selling a derivative at a discount price. Derivatives are similar to popular products on the market but made from cheaper materials. Some brands specifically make products they sell at a reduced price on discount days, such as Black Friday. So, the new deals are likely not for the standard products but for cheaper variants.
  •         Price tampering before Black Friday. Some retailers change the original price of products before the discount sales date. So, on Black Friday, you may end up paying the normal price for the product while believing you got a bargain. This is true whether you shop online or in-store.
  •         Strategic use of doorbuster deals on Black Friday. Do you exit empty-handed when you can’t find deals at your favorite stores on Black Friday? In most cases, you’ll buy something else that’s not on sale during the early access window to avoid dissatisfaction. So, retailers lure buyers in with limited quantities of early access offerings but then push them toward items available at full price.

However, even with these marketing tricks, most shoppers have no problems parting with their hard-earned cash on Black Friday. Nothing beats the feeling of landing deals. 

What if there was another way to land better deals every day?

Don’t Wait for Black Friday Sales—Kick Off the Holiday Season Shopping at Your Convenience

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